Estate litigation

A loved one passing away can uncover a host of problems, including a lack of adequate estate planning.

For example, you come across a will signed by the deceased at a time when her mental abilities were in decline or when she was subject to the undue influence of a close family member, who was named her main heir. You wonder whether the deceased had the mental capacity to make a will or if she was unduly manipulated by her heir and if you can have the will annulled.

In another instance, you may be named the executor of an estate or the trustee of a testamentary trust and are not familiar with your rights and obligations toward the heirs or beneficiaries. Settling an estate can give rise to any number of conflicts regarding the administration of the estate, the liquidation, and sale of assets and the division of the estate among the heirs.

Before encountering problems, placing yourself in a conflict of interest or becoming the object of a motion for destitution, we can counsel you and help you navigate through these uncharted waters. If a dispute does arise, we will represent you in court and provide you with the advice you need to achieve your goals without compromising your own values or the deceased’s final wishes.

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