Shareholder litigation

Managing a business is no small task. Day-to-day problems can dominate your time, often delaying more strategic tasks such as planning your succession or settling difficult situations with your business partners. But failing to address these matters can be both risky and costly to your business, especially in the event of a disagreement or conflict among shareholders.

In these types of situations, it is common for one or several of the parties involved – often the majority shareholder – to make any number of otherwise easily avoidable missteps: refusing to release information a shareholder is entitled to receive, illegally removing a director, dismissing without cause, declaring an illegal dividend, exercising a share buyback clause in bad faith, and so forth.

We are here to offer you counsel regarding the pitfalls to avoid in case of a conflict with your partners and to inform you on the tools and strategies available to prevent a conflict, to reach a settlement, or when necessary, to resolve a conflict through litigation.

We have represented both minority and majority shareholders, in companies of all sizes operating in various industries. Whether you are a founder, CEO or next-generation leader, we are here to help you. We are your advisors, your negotiators and your litigators.

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