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Estate and Trust Litigation

A loved one dies, and, to your surprise, you also inherit their problems or lack of estate planning. 

For example, you discover a will signed by the deceased at a time when they no longer had all their intellectual faculties or were unduly influenced by a relative who became their principal heir. You wonder whether the deceased had the capacity to make a will, whether the unworthy heir unduly influenced the deceased, and whether the will can be annulled.

Sometimes you find yourself the liquidator of a succession or the trustee of a testamentary trust and are unaware of your duties and obligations to the heirs or beneficiaries. 

The liquidation of a succession can generate a multitude of conflicts during the administration, liquidation, and sale of the assets or during the partition among the heirs.

Before you make any mistakes, place yourself in a conflict of interest, or have to deal with an application for removal or to render an account, we can advise and help you navigate these uncharted waters. If a dispute arises, we will represent you in court and advise you on how to achieve your goals, while respecting your values and the wishes of the deceased.