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Insurance Litigation

You are prudent and have taken out insurance policies to protect your assets or your business in the event of a loss. You’ve followed your broker’s advice and believe you have adequate coverage for your business assets, job site, civil or professional liability, business interruption, and errors and omissions, in addition to your home insurance policy. You’ve never read your insurance policies and keep putting off reading the fine print.

When misfortune strikes, your insurer informs you that the applicable exclusion clauses leave you unprotected. Your insurer adds that, even without these exclusions, it would refuse to defend you because you failed to inform it of a significant risk. Yet, your broker told you that you would be covered under such circumstances. 

The insurance contract is a dense and complex text that puts off many insureds. Numerous disputes arise from the fact that insurance companies favour narrower interpretations than those adopted by the courts. You are in a vulnerable position and the insurer’s adjuster offers you a much lower settlement amount than anticipated. Should you accept it?

If your insurer refuses to cover you or offers you a settlement you consider disadvantageous, we can analyze your file to inform you of your rights and assert your interests with your insurer or your broker. 

Our expertise in insurance matters and in Wellington motions to force the insurer to defend you against a claim is at your disposal.