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Commercial Lease Litigation

After weeks of negotiations, you finally sign a commercial lease renewal with a long-time tenant to whom you offer your best premises. From one day to the next, your tenant is late with the rent or unilaterally reduces the monthly amount. Suddenly, the rent is too high, and the tenant asks you to change the payment terms and to reduce the rent. 

You have to pay your operating costs, and your main source of income is suddenly in jeopardy, even though your tenant signed a lease.

The situation snowballs: your tenant leaves before the end of the lease, owing rent arrears, and the premises are left in a deplorable state. Your other tenants are complaining about the empty space and the low occupancy rate of the commercial building, which is affecting their income. They in turn ask for a rent reduction.

To prevent and quickly resolve situations where your tenants are in default, contact our real estate litigation lawyers. They can advise you, negotiate an out-of-court settlement, or take emergency court proceedings to safeguard your rights.

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