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Construction and Latent Defects Litigation

You have hired a general contractor to build a commercial or residential building. After the work begins, you are promptly informed that work will have to be delayed and that there will be cost overruns, commonly known as “extras.”

Upon delivery, you notice poor workmanship in the work performed. After a few months of occupancy, you notice your property has serious defects that affect your enjoyment of the premises, in particular:

  • cracks and movement in the structure;
  • water infiltration;
  • significant temperature variations; or
  • inadequate ventilation.

Your contractor evades your requests to correct the poor workmanship and construction defects. He blames the state of the ground under the building and says that the project architect or engineer or their subcontractors are responsible. You contact them but they tell you to deal directly with the general contractor.

In short, you don’t know where to turn for relief while you or your tenants suffer major inconveniences. Your beautiful project is now in jeopardy and you are afraid of losing the value of your investment.

If only because of the number of different parties involved on a construction site, disputes involving construction law and latent defects can quickly become complex and costly. We know how much these disputes undermine your day-to-day operations, and our job is to limit their impact.

Thanks to our experience and with the assistance of our network of experts, architects, and engineers, we can understand the issues at stake and advise you in order to resolve your problems as quickly and effectively as possible.