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Shareholder Disputes

Managing a business is no easy task. Managing daily challenges often means putting off succession planning or dealing with difficult partner relationships to tomorrow. This can be risky and costly for the company if there is a disagreement or shareholder dispute. 

In these situations, it is not uncommon for a party – often the majority shareholder – to take a series of missteps that could have been avoided, such as the refusal to provide information to which a shareholder is entitled, illegal removal of a director, dismissal without cause, illegal payment of dividends, acting in bad faith regarding a redemption mechanism provided for in the shareholders’ agreement, to name but a few.

We can inform you of the pitfalls to avoid in the event of a conflict with your partners and advise you on the tools and strategies at your disposal to prevent, settle, or, if necessary, litigate the dispute.

We have represented and represent minority and majority shareholders from small and large enterprises, in a variety of industries. We can help you whether you are a founder, CEO, or a member of the next generation. We can advise, negotiate, or litigate on your behalf.