Real estate litigation and landlord-tenant relations

After weeks of negotiations, you have finally renewed your lease with a long-time commercial tenant to whom you have offered your prime retail space. Suddenly your tenant changes his mind and finds the rent too high given his low revenue projections. He asks you to modify his terms of payment and reduce his rent.

Even though you have a binding lease, one of your important sources of revenue is now in jeopardy and you still have to continue paying your operating costs.

The situation snowballs: your tenant abandons the premises before the end of his lease leaving the space in a state of disrepair, while still owing rental arrears. Your other tenants complain about the abandoned space and the building’s low occupancy rate, which in turn negatively affects their sales. They too ask for a rent reduction.

Our lawyers specialized in real estate litigation have represented real estate owners and managers of all sizes across Quebec helping them prevent or quickly settle default situations such as these. We can provide counsel, negotiate a settlement agreement or file emergency legal proceedings to safeguard your rights. Contact us for more information.

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