Benoît Lapointe

Avocat se spécialise en litige construction, litige habitation, litige succession

Benoît Lapointe


Benoît Lapointe is a co-founder and a managing partner of the firm.

He has practiced civil and commercial litigation for over 30 years, regularly appearing before commercial arbitration tribunals, courts of first instance, the Quebec Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Canada. His peers consider him as one of the best lawyers in Canada, as reflected by his yearly recognition in The Best Lawyers in Canada since 2006.

Benoît has successfully pleaded complex cases involving contract litigation, shareholder disputes, real estate law, intellectual property, estates and trusts, municipal law and labour law. Given his vast experience in shareholder litigation, he has been invited as a speaker on several occasions at conferences held by the Quebec Bar.

Benoît is known for his pragmatic approach and for  helping his clients achieve their goals swiftly and efficiently. His clients particularly appreciate his sound opinions, his judicious advice, and his ability to grasp complex situations and express them in straightforward terms.

Additionally, Benoît is a member of the Montreal Bar Liaison Committee with the Commercial Division of the Superior Court of Quebec.



  • Represented directors of a bankrupt company in a class action brought by former employees to obtain payment of salaries and other benefits.: Masson v. Thompson, J.E. 92-337 (S.C.) and Thompson v. Masson, [1993] R.J.Q. 69 (C.A.)


  • Represented shareholders forced out of a private telecommunications company.: Gestion Bon Conseil inc. v. Guèvremont, 2006 QCCA 109 and Gestion Bon Conseil inc. v. Guèvremont, J.E. 2003-601 (S.C.)


  • Represented a food company suing a competitor who was infringing on its trademark.: Lesters Foods Ltd. v. Lesters Delicatessen and Hot Smoked Meat Inc. 2008 QCCS 2010


  • Represented an heir excluded from an estate by the other family members.: Nicolas (Estate of), 2007 QCCS 5512 and Nicolas (Estate of) v. Guillemot, 2009 QCCS 6643


  • Represented the heirs of an estate against the executor and proxy, who had appropriated assets of the deceased.: Legault v. Baur-Côté, EYB 2008-130647


  • Represented the heirs of an estate to declare the legal devolution of a succession left with a draft will and to appoint an independent liquidator for the estate. : Aubert-Côté, 2014 QCCS 4589 et Côté c. Aubert-Côté 2014 QCCA 2352


  • Represented a medical specialist who was falsely accused by a co-worker and obtained compensation for mental suffering, along with punitive damages and full reimbursement of legal fees.: Berthiaume v. Carignan, 2013 QCCA 1427 and Berthiaume v. Carignan 2013 QCCS 1357


  • Representing a minority shareholder excluded from a family company: 2015 to date.